Beyond the Screen

The main idea for m final peice, in the ‘Beyond the Screen’ module is a plant orchestra. My aim is to grow a variety of touch sensitive plant called Mimosa Pudica, and using programming, translate their movements as they recoil into sound. the more the plant is disturbed, the more abrasive the noise will be.

The plant can be seen in action here.

If for some reason, I am unable to grow the plants in this climate, or the crop fails for whatever reason, I intend to create my own touch sensitive plant, which will conduct a small amount of electricity, which will respond to human contact by the current being disrupted. With this type of project it will be possible to programme different instruments, electronic noises and frequencies to different groups of plants, so the user can essentially make music from interacting with nature.

Other implications I have considered are the adverse effects the electricity may have on the plant. I have considered that the current may damage or even kill the plant which will highlight the ecological effect we as humans have on nature, usig resources for our own pleasure and gratification.

The peice will be supported in some way by my research into the ethical and philosophical implications of Bio Art.


Animation and future projects

As promised, here is the first of the three mini animations i worked on over easter. I am still awaiting soundtracks to accompany the other two. They wont be long though…

I intend to use some slow shutter speed, stop fram animation to contribute to a music video I will be making over summer. After discovering Morpheus software today, I intend to play round in order to discover the possibilities available to help me with this style of animation (something which I am excited about).

The website will also be updated soon so keep checking back with the blog for more information.

New Animations

I have recently been experimenting with photoshop in order to find a new medium to create animations. The animations that I have done are only shorts, but will be looped to a soundtrack to make complete audio visual peices. Once I have finished the audio on garageband I will upload the viseos to the blog and upload them on my website. Check back shortly to see the finished products.


I know it’sbeen a while since i’ve updated this blog, but its been really good seeing what everyone is up to now that i’ve revisited the site.

Apart from the day and a half a week when i see you,I have mostly been working for an income. My other main activity has been work with the photographer, Simon Roberts (look him up), on a weekly basis. One of the things I have been doing is helping with the post production for his latest project ‘We English.’ The entire work experience has given me a great insight into the different aspects of documentary photography, and encouraged me to focus on a project of documentary photography (If permission is aquired) over the next few weeks. I find documentary photography extremely interesting as it means the photographer has to live part of the experience they are documenting in some way. From the work I have seen, this often means there is an adventure invoved which is always a bonus.

I have also been researching the technical side of my web project, and Sam helped give me some encouragement that what I want to do could be possible so I am feeling good about that. I’m also looking forward to creating a visual mock up of the interface to show you all soon.

This blog was just an update really to show that i hadn’t fallen off the edge ofcyber space.


Yesterday I made a stop frame animation using pencil and an eraser, adapting the image to give it movement by expanding and adding to bits of the canvas. Its pretty rubbish, and the only redeaming quality is that is has a child like innocence… not to mention child like animation skills. I had trouble saving it in a format where i can display it on the web, but once i have, i’ll put it up on the blog as a benchmark to improve vastly upon.

London Calling

Since reading the programme outline for the module of ‘Cultures of Multimedia Authoring & Web Design’ and being concerned about my lack of technical skills as far as web development goes, i have decided to run away to London.

Don’t worry though, my getaway is to pursue knowledge in the form of a favor from a good friend who is more au fait with web development, CSS, HTML, Javascript and all that other complicated stuff. His website is We often get together with plenty of coffee and chat about projects and ideas. Its good to have a friend like that. 

I also have another friend and colleague who might be able to throw a few skills my way, as he’s a whizz kid in all things coded. His blog site is available at

The outcome for this module will be a body of work which is displayed online. I am keen to show my early dabbling with animation, and using the skills learnt on this first module, add a dimension of interactivity to some of my work. I’m going to aim big, with my ideas and try to overcome as many hurdles as possible that i will no doubt be faced with along the way.

Starting new work through experimentation

Tomorrow I intend to start sketching and use the University stop frame animation suite to have a play around turning pencil doodles into some kind of moving short story… it will definitely involve an egg.


an egg

No eggs will be harmed in the making of the cartoon.

Image courtesy of 

More info here from the bebo group, the scotch egg appreciation society. I must add that I have no official affiliation with this group, but I’m happy that they are dedicated to the cause of tasty picnic snacks.